• The training I received here was top notch.  I feel very confident in my abilities to go and pass the CISM exam.
  • Coming into the course I was skeptical, but the course [CISM 1] has been valuable, not only because of its direct impact on my ability to obtain CISM, but also because it will have an impact on how I conduct my daily routine/activities.
  • It helped clear up questions I already had, now I feel like a more skillful technician.
  • Relates to my job hand in hand, I feel very confident going back to work now.
  • After this training I can say with confidence I will have more experience and knowledge in my job.
  • This class opened my eyes to the larger picture at the MCNOSC. It helped me gain a stronger understanding of how we are structured and operate.
  • I enjoyed stories that related subject matter to real world events.  I would like to see similar courses offered in the future.
  • Best Security+ training I have attended.  Instructor did not use slides and kept all learning focused.
  • The class was highly informative, interactive and enjoyable. It was much easier to obtain the information when the material was covered in a way that captured your attention.
  • The training provided insight into things that I work with on a daily basis as well as a lot of new information which could be extremely helpful in future IT based occupations.
  • The trainer was an excellent instructor.  He applied real life situations into the course.  He also does not read every line of the slide show, which is helpful.
  • RPI Trainers are very, very knowledgeable and helpful. Someone that takes personal time to help is someone that practices being a good person.
  • Top notch instructor because he teaches and doesn’t preach. Not scripted, he adjusts to the needs of the class.
  • High level management type knowledge that can be very convoluted or difficult to understand, but instructor kept it in context. Provided ways to remember/learn key topics and ensured class stayed caught up so no one fell behind.
  • This class was not PowerPoint torture, which is important when it comes down to retaining the information.  Instructor took time to get to know certain things about all of us.
  • (Training) Above average.  I often feel I can school the instructors in IT classes.  Surprisingly refreshing not to feel that way.
  • Rather than focus just on making sure we got information just for the cert, the RPI Trainer made sure that he gave us more info that broadened our knowledge for civilian work and for future work
  • The training given was not death by PowerPoint so I definitely feel it was effective.
  • Excellent training provided by RPI.  The trainer constantly tried to show us the ‘hands-on’ way of teaching the material.
  • Coming into the class I was unsure on how I was going to retain the information, but the trainer broke everything down to a level I would understand.
  • The Trainer is very knowledgeable in the IT field and doesn’t mind going the extra mile. His success can become someone else’s inspiration the way he teaches.
  • I just want to thank you for actually teaching me this.  I didn’t have too much confidence in getting the cert prior to Monday.
  • The instructor not only knew all the material but has hands on experience with nearly all aspects.

  • The training is perfect for the job I perform.
  • The instructor’s knowledge is by far superior to any instructors I’ve had.
  • One of the best hands-on training I’ve attended.

Phillip Shade, Instructor

  • This is what he does for a living and he has worked from the bottom to the top of the IT field.
  • One of the first courses that captivated my attention.  Excellent instructor and layout of course materials.
  • I liked how the instructor brought personal experiences and applied it to the course. Excellent.

Rich Westfield, Instructor

  • This class and instructor was outstanding, I’m learning so much about Server 2012.

Kevin Brown, Instructor