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RPI Group is proud to introduce Decision Point's new Cyber Security Book "Get Secure or Get Hacked"

RPI Group’s SVP, William Rybczynski, wrote the forward for a new Cyber Security book, “Get Secure or Get Hacked.” William has over 20 years of cybersecurity technical and training experience supporting the U.S. Department of Defense. He is professionally certified as a CISSP, CISM, NSA IAM and NSA IEM. He also served 20 years as a United States Marine and was selected as one of the Marine Corps first Information Assurance Technicians (MOS 0689) retiring in 2006 after serving as the Information Assurance Chief, Headquarters, C4 where his responsibilities included management of the Marine Corps Information Assurance Program. 

Author John ‘Lex’ Robinson, a military veteran and security expert, has over 25 years' experience in information technology and secure communications. He has managed small business technical teams as well as consulted global corporations in fields ranging from Security Awareness and Risk Management to Infrastructure Development and Service Delivery Process Improvements. As the founder of Decision Point Security and HU1 Opsec, Lex has turned his attention from a focus on technical solutions and delivery to leading a push for a broader understanding of the human element's impact on cyber security operations. 

Get Secure or Get Hacked shows you how to better protect your family, small business or corporation from hackers and other malicious criminals. You will improve your security with a shift in mindset and simple daily actions that guide you to safety. 

Think about it. 

Are you secure now? What if your PC was hacked and your identity was stolen? What if someone breached your company network and stole your development plans? What if there was a natural disaster that destroyed your technology and home? How would you recover? What would you do? 

More importantly, what if you could have prevented disaster with a few simple changes? 

NOW you can! 

Imagine taking action each day and becoming more secure than the day before, confident that you have done all you can to avoid having your life stolen, your family’s safety compromised or your company put out of business. 

How much more secure will you be? 

John ‘Lex’ Robinson, in his first public release, provides a daily action guide to improve your security starting right now. 

In Get Secure or Get Hacked you will learn. 

• How to identify and safeguard critical information
• How to spot email phishing scams and avoid them
• How to protect yourself and your family from online fraud
• How to safely browse and shop online
• How to apply hacking countermeasures and secure your devices
• And much, much more… 

BONUS MATERIALS INCLUDED – Learn how to complete the HU1Opsec Security Assessment Process, identify your specific risk profile and implement improvements. 


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