RPI Group announces partnership with Camp Lejeune North Carolina Public Works Division

RPI Group is proud to announce that in partnership with Camp Lejeune North Carolina (CLNC), Public Works Division (PWD) we have successfully achieved a USMC-wide, “Type” Authority to Operate/Authority to Connect (ATO/ATC) for Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology (ICS/OT).  Our innovative approach relies on securing and accrediting an architecture rather than a specific hardware (H/W) or Software (S/W) solution.  Our vendor and network agnostic approach is a first for the USMC and supports not only legacy but new ICS/OT systems operating on the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN). 

RPI Group is excited about the next phase of the operation where we will work with CLNC PWD to implement this architecture throughout the base.  Securely hosting these ICS/OT systems on the MCEN will results in a significant cost avoidance across the USMC in energy reduction through load shedding and peak shaving as well as reduce maintenance costs through the use of predictive maintenance and other process improvements.  As a USMC-wide “Type” authorization RPI Group can leverage this solution in support other USMC commands, programs and installations in their efforts to better secure ICS/OT devices on their network.  This is another example of how RPI Group works with customers to develop customized, innovative solutions to their unique Cybersecurity and Authorization requirements.