USMC Cybersecurity Wireless Assessment

Fredericksburg, VA – January 7, 2016- RPI Group, Inc. has been awarded a subcontract to support the United States Marine Corps Logistics Command (LOGCOM) wireless networks.  LOGCOM is the single biggest user of secure WiFi networks in the USMC and have led the way in their implementation and use.  RPI will perform a technical assessment of the Wireless Network Infrastructure located at Marine Corps Logistics Base in Albany, GA. RPI will then determine, develop and recommend a strategic roadmap of options and business cases that will be utilized by LOGCOM to facilitate aligning the wireless network with USMC/DON/DOD Best Practices to ensure a secure and reliable wireless network is available to support LOGCOMs mission.  This effort will be spearheaded by Mr. Jeff Watts, RPI’s Director of Cybersecurity.  The project will begin in late January 2016.