RPI Group Inc. supports the Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy with $500 contribution

RPI Group Inc. and EC-Council made a donation of $500 to the Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy (W2CCA) in August.

The W2CCA is a community project that is being administered by the Federal IT Security Institute. The program is currently overseen by the FITSI Foundation who is interested in promoting the development of cyber defenders through the League of Wounded Warriors in the United States armed forces. The mission of the W2CCA is to ‘build the next generation of cyber defenders by cross-training the league of wounded warriors to help protect and defend the nation’s information systems.’

Wounded warriors are military service members who have suffered a serious life altering injury, both in combat and non-combat situations that typically end their ability to continue to serve on active duty as determined through normal Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board processes.

Jim Wiggins, the Executive Director of the FITSI Foundation stated, “We’re very honored to receive the support of the RPI Group and EC-Council within the FITSI Foundation’s Wounded Warrior Cyber Combat Academy (W2CCA) program. Contributions such as this go directly to providing our wounded warriors educational resources to help transaction these noble service members from the physical to the cyber battlefield.”