Marine Corps Network Validations

RPI Group Cybersecurity personnel have met all the criteria to be appointed as United States Marine Corps Validators.  

This appointment by the Marine Corps Authorizing Official (AO) assigns RPI Group staff to act as independent validators and trusted agents. 

The Marine Corps Validators are made up of Marine Corps Cybersecurity Professionals, Civilian 2210s, and Contracted Consultants designated in writing by Headquarters Marine Corps C4. The Validator serves as a trusted agent of the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) Certifier and Marine Corps Certifying Authority (CA) while working with the MCEN project managers and user representatives in support of the MCEN Risk Management Framework implementation. 

Marine Corps Validators are assigned the responsibility of: 

  1. Providing independent verification and validation of Marine Corps system’s security controls and safeguards designed through the security engineering process.

  2. Validation of applicable cybersecurity controls for an assigned Marine Corps system, including developing the appropriate test procedures if necessary, executing the test procedures and accurately documenting the results of security testing.

  3. Performing the requisite preparatory steps and conditions, performs the actual validation steps, compares the actual results with the expected results, and analyzes the differences for impact and risk.

  4. Developing the RMF Security Assessment Report for the assigned system(s) and facilitating the coordination of the Project Manager, User Representative, Certifying Authority Representative, and Marine Corps AO agreement of the documentation.

  5. The Validator is responsible for providing the MCEN Certifier, Marine Corps CA, and the AO with an accurate technical evaluation of the application, system, or network, documenting the security posture, capabilities and vulnerabilities against relevant cybersecurity controls, and a drafting a statement of preliminary or residual security risks for system operation.

RPI Group Cybersecurity personnel meet all of the professional certification requirements of DOD 8570/8140 and an in depth understanding of computer security, military system specifications, and DON & DOD Information Assurance policies.